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post3 - 4 breakthrough leaps in technology that may happen in 2018

4 breakthrough leaps in technology that may happen in 2018

We are almost closing the book of 2017. We have seen a lot of improvements for the past years especially in the field of technology. Now that we are about to welcome 2018, we are so very excited to see what’s new and incredible for the years to come.

Let us take your breath away by introducing you to some recent talk-of-the-town plans that may happen in 2018 that will surely be a breakthrough in technology.

1. Elon’s Musk’s Supersonic Hyperloop train

11 - 4 breakthrough leaps in technology that may happen in 2018
The vision of a supersonic railway by Elon Musk is a step closer to becoming a reality. In 2013, Musk revealed that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is aiming to build a passenger system seen like never before. Now, the construction of the mph Hyperloop was reported to have started earlier this year 2016. A five-mile test track was reported to be situated around Quay Valley.

The 760mph Hyperloop system will use electricity to drive a train. The tunnel will have no airs to create a low-friction vacuum which will allow higher speeds than regular railways. The HTT staff claimed its development will be rapid.

2. iPhones transition OLED display

12 - 4 breakthrough leaps in technology that may happen in 2018
As early as the release of iPhone 7, there have been rumors circulating online about how will the iPhone 8 look like. There are various accounts saying that it is likely to adapt the Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8, while some reported that Apple will remain true to its roots while adding some more advanced technology.

Lately, there were speculations in which Apple, Inc. will transition from traditional LCD to OLED. According to a report from Reuters, Japan Display told that it started its mass production of OLED display iPhones for 2018. Japan Display is the main supplier of LCDs to Apple, reports said. (Know what things to consider before buying a phone here.)

Many rumors say that this will be a breakthrough in the smartphone industry and will launch perfectly the iPhone 8.

3. Rise of Electric Cars

13 - 4 breakthrough leaps in technology that may happen in 2018
There were already models of electric cars roaming around your cities now. But according to Reuters, Tesla Motors, Inc. is said to step up its production for the upcoming Model 3 mass-market sedans. They will build at least 500,000 electric vehicles by 2018. (You can check the incredible cars to arrive this 2018 here.)

This plan was made to achieve their profit target and earn more sales especially they are reported to have a first-quarter net loss in 2016. Apart from their luxury Model S sedan and Model X sport UV, Tesla aims to become prominent in producing electric cars in a matter of years.

4. 3D Printed Cars

14 - 4 breakthrough leaps in technology that may happen in 2018
Nothing is impossible, right? China has been reported to have invested heavily on very large 3D printers. In fact, China announced last June 2014 that they have a gigantic 3D printer which they claim is the world’s largest. Further, there are rumors that China will launch a car made through their gigantic 3D printer. Although there have been no factual reports to support this, this is very not impossible considering how advanced the technology in China is.

Do you think all of these can happen? You decide.

the very worst search engine optimizer san diego

6 Online Businesses You Can Start Today in San Diego

Because we are born to be creative human beings, we constantly look for ways on how to survive and be happy with what we are doing. Earning money is one of those things. There a lot of means to have money – work and investment.

For those who wanted to exercise their skills and talents, they can start their online businesses. They can offer products and services. Here are 7 most common online businesses one can start immediately in La jolla.

1. Blogging

Being influential in social media can help you earn money. There are a lot of merchants, manufacturers, groups, and businesses who want to use your influence to reach your specific audience. They can advertise their product or service on your social media platforms and blogs. They can also give you free products and services so you can try them and tell your followers about the experience.

2. Social media marketing

If you spend most of your hours on your smartphone, surfing the internet, then becoming a social media consultant is perfect for you. Some businesses wanted to maximize their time in growing their sales and profits. So, they can no longer manage their social media platforms. You can offer social media marketing services by handling their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

seo from san diego ca
adam vaunt media group la jolla california among the worst seo ever

3. Web designing

If you have the skills to design and develop a site in San Diego, you have a great potential to become a web designer. You can launch a service for various companies to make their websites. Elevate their online presence to the next level. Just make sure that you have a comprehensive portfolio and you can show a sample website you designed yourself.

4. Writing

One of the most in-demand freelancers searched by companies are content providers. You can write for online sites, guest post, contribute to magazines and provide content for websites. Writers should have an excellent background in communication. They should be excellent in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.

5. Teaching

If you are good at English, especially if you are a Native speaker, some countries in Asia and even in Europe are looking for tutors who can teach them how to speak English fluently. There are various English Speaking Language tutorial platforms that are currently looking for teachers, with or without experience. Most of your students will be children and even professionals.

6. Online Selling

Many online users, especially millennials are engaged into online selling. You can be a vendor of your desired products. You can sell bags, shoes, outfits, phones and other items you like. As online is very accessible now, you can simply market your materials in your social media platforms. You can also register to huge online stores so that you can display your items there. There are a lot of manufacturers there who are looking for distributors and retailers. You might be interested.

info2 - 6 Online Businesses You Can Start Today in San Diego
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If you have a lot of skills and most especially, a lot of extra time, make use of it wisely by providing online services or doing businesses on the internet. Through this, you can double your money while you are having fun.

post6 - 10 must things to consider before buying a smartphone

10 must things to consider before buying a smartphone

If you are looking for a smartphone best for you, there are a hundred of choices to choose from. The biggest names of smartphones have various models and types of different sizes and specifications.

A smartphone is indeed vital in this technology-oriented world. But before buying one, here are 10 things you should check on a smartphone.

1. Build quality

See to it that the smartphone you are going to buy is durable. Make sure that you personally hold it yourself to check if it’s strong enough. Phones can either be built with metal or plastic cover. Accord to Joe Elkind

Build Quality is key

, 2. Display

The display of a smartphone usually depends on its actual size. If the smartphone is big, it will likely to have a wider size and resolution display. There are phones with full-HD or even Ultra HD/4k display.

3. Processor

The processors of smartphones vary from one device to another. Android and iOS basically have different processors. If you are into streaming videos and playing heavy games, then you should consider buying smartphones with the best processors.

4. Camera

This is probably one of the considerations of most phone buyers these days. Check several camera specifications such as aperture, ISO levels, autofocus capability and pixel size, among others. It is also ideal for you to try the camera.

5. Battery

Not all the time and place you can charge your smartphone. So it is better for you to consider buying one that lasts you a day at most. If you are fond of movies, music, and games, choose a smartphone with at least 3500mAh battery.

6. Storage

We know that you need a smartphone that could fit all your selfies, movies, games and applications. Choose a phone that has a larger storage capacity. For iOS devices, they usually have a built-in storage that could go as high as 256 GB. For Android phones, you can expand its memory by attaching an external memory card.

7. Security features

We care about our smartphones so it is better if we get trusted security features from them. The most common security feature is to lock and unlock your phone or a particular application with a passcode or pattern. While others use a sensor technology that will need either your fingerprint or iris before accessing the phone.

8. Speakers

Always check the audio quality of your smartphone. Make sure that it will give a loud yet clear sound whenever put to loudspeaker mode. It should also have good quality during calls.

9. Operating system

Operating systems or mobile OS are software that runs our smartphones and manage their resources, displays, and memory. It is important that you choose carefully the OS you want as their uses, shortcuts, and features vary differently. There are three common OS used in most smartphones – iOS, Android, and Windows.

Buying a smartphone that matches your taste and preference is really hard. There are a lot of choices, all looking good and fine. Just remember these must things to consider before buying smartphones so you will be satisfied.

post7 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction

4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction

Basically, there are plenty of things that can be found on the internet. But you may not expect that among these are the pre-loved items of your idols. These memorabilia and prized possessions of the rich and influential stars have been auctioned and sold to eBay, one of the world’s biggest online shops. There you can find everything from the still-stylish jacket worn by Bruce Lee to Jon Stewart’s Armani suits.

According to eBay, vendors shall provide proof that they are the rightful owners of these celebrity items and that these should be authentic.

Over the past years, there have been a lot of celebrity auction finds. Here are few of those who made it to the internet.

1. Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 costumes

21 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
These outfits have been visited by thousands of avid Jackson 5 fans at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California, United States. These costumes were featured on the Jackson 5’s greatest hits album cover. They also appeared with it on a television special during 1972.

These were made of synthetic blend tunic tops with ivory sleeves. Each yellow top has the Jackson 5’s name embroidered – Tito, Jermaine, Michael, Jackie, and Marlon.

The starting bid of these items was US $150,000.00. The auction ended last August 1st of 2015.

2. Elvis Presley’s stereo

22 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
Talk about the king of rock and roll. That’s right! Elvis Presley’s 1971 stereo set from his Graceland mansion bedroom had also been auctioned. This stereo was among Presley’s favorites where he can play selections from his album collection. The starting bid for this was $2,000.

3. Steve Jobs’ high school yearbook

23 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
Steve Jobs has undeniably become an instant celebrity because of Apple. One vendor, who identified himself as Jobs’ close friend, put on auction a yearbook in which Jobs was part of. The dealer with the name “bcwright77” described Jobs as a clown in the class who always goofed off a lot and made fun of almost everything. He could not see Jobs sincerity in going to school. But he has not predicted that Jobs could become one of the most iconic figures in the world.

The bidding price started at $5,000.

4. Bruce Lee’s Cotton Jacket

24 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
Bruce Lee who is prominent for his martial arts films had one of his most precious possessions on the internet as well. Lee’s gray cotton jacket was put to auction. It was very extra special as it has a sign and inscription by Lee’s wife and daughter. According to Lee’s family, it was one of his most favorite jackets which also appeared in a number of his films. The jacket has a “buy now” price of $45,000. The auction ended June 6th last 2016.

Those were just a few of the million pre-loved items of your idols auctioned on the internet. Sellers knew that these will be sold instantly especially to those avid fans and supporters who love collecting memorabilia of their favorite celebrities. If you are looking for one like these, you can start surfing the web and declare your bid.

post8 - 4 useful hacks to get the best online deals

4 useful hacks to get the best online deals

Online has not been exclusive to research and social media only, as it has also paved a way to another means of shopping. There are a bunch of perfect deals to find online that’s why consumers choose to shop here. While sellers also find the attack of consumers on the internet a more exciting idea to market their products online especially for startup businesses.

With all the convenience and more choices of cheap finds brought about by online shopping, now your question is probably how to get the best deals.

Here are some tricks how to surf the web and find the best deals.

1. Leave your shopping cart

In the book Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World written and published by Mark Ellwood (2013), he mentioned that purchasing products is a ‘two-stage process’. First, you have to go on a shopping site and look for the things you want to buy. Put these items in your cart and then close the browser. Leave your orders for one to two days.

Through this, the online store will think that you are attempting to order. So to make a sell, most of these merchants will send you promo or coupon discounts for you to purchase the items you left on your virtual cart.

2.Don’t believe free shipping

In order to make a lot of sales, most online sellers announce a ‘free-shipping day’ in which you can shop anything you want. Online consumers will flock to that particular site in order to make a purchase. But remember, free shipping doesn’t necessarily mean that you are spared from paying a fee for the shipping. They usually tend to add a certain amount to the prices of the items that are being sold with free shipping. To avoid being fooled by this marketing strategy, compare total costs with other online shops before you checkout.

3. Clean your browser

The same with booking cheap flights, going incognito can help you look for some of the best finds at their lowest rates. But by simply clearing your browser, you can be able to be offered the cheapest finds. Through this, you can fool the vendors that you are a new customer every time you go to their site. For example, if your default browser is Chrome, try using Firefox and make sure that you have cleared your cookies after shopping.

4. Subscribe to newsletters

If you sign up for a particular online site, make sure that you allow them to send you newsletters in your e-mail. These newsletters may consist of new items, promotions, and discount coupons. So you better get updated about their latest offerings to get ahead of million online consumers.

We know that you have your respective favorite online shops. Some of them even give you incentives for being an avid customer. But of course, we want to explore the deals offered by various online sites. So in order to enjoy your first purchase, make sure you follow these 4 useful hacks to get the best online deals.

post9 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale

3 instant ways to make your first online sale

Online shopping has gained popularity for the past years. In this article, we discussed why people prefer to shop online than go to physical stores. As shopping online has become a trend, more sellers choose to market their products and services through the internet as well. Even the biggest names of bags, shoes, and makeup, to name a few enter the world of online shopping to reach a much larger audience.


But for startup businesses, especially those individual merchants who want to explore what online can bring them, how can they actually make their first online sale?

Here are some tips an online seller should consider:

Send free samples to bloggers

31 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale
In the online world, there are a lot of famous bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and vloggers from various niches and industries. They have a huge number of followings from various social media platforms. In order to establish your product, you may send free samples to these influencers to try your product. In return, they will mention your product on their sites or platforms and will even give a positive feedback about it. With this, the followers will be aware of your product and there is a huge chance that they will purchase that same product they saw from their idols.

Partner with retailers and resellers

32 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale
Apart from selling directly to the consumers, it is also advisable to have your own pool of resellers and retailers. Through this, you can have a much wider reach of your potential customers. As distributors of your products, they will market it to their avid customers. Moreover, it is also advantageous to engage into resellers as this will mean more income. Through this, your network will become bigger and there would be a leveraging of the flow of sales. This only means that more sales, more income.

Offer prizes and freebies

33 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale
Everybody loves to receive giveaways and free stuff, right? In order to make your product more recognizable, it is ideal for you to start a contest or activity that will interest them to join and win free prizes. You can start it through your social media account or website if you have. One of the most common gimmicks is to ask customers to take a photo of them using your product and share it to their Instagram accounts. In their posts, they should describe why they love the product and of course, they should tag your Instagram page or use your desired hashtags. To make them more excited, announce that you will be giving prizes to five lucky winners.

There are certainly so many ways to boost a starting online shop. You can also utilize digital marketing and other advertising strategies. If you have a budget, you can also setup promotional events. But for those who are saving a penny and is aiming to have their first sale, these tips are surely effective to provide the online world some awareness about your product. Through this, we are hoping that you can earn your first ever sale. Good luck!

post10 - 5 Reasons why People Choose to Shop Online

5 Reasons why People Choose to Shop Online

Online shopping has been a trend since the internet era. Most of your favorite brands of shoes, dresses, bags, and jewelry are even being sold online to cater to more customers.

While others are still into windows shopping and store hopping, many find it more convenient to shop online. Here are our favorite reasons why we shop online:

It is cheaper

Compared to those items being sold in stores, online shops offer you the cheapest deals. Most of the products come directly from the manufacturer or the seller without another party involved like malls and physical stores. Plus, they offer you discount coupons, rebates, and packages. Moreover, because the transaction is done online, you do not have to worry about the expenses brought by traveling, eating out and impulsive shopping.

It is more convenient

If most stores open 12 hours daily, online shops don’t close. You can shop all you want even at midnight. You do not have to worry about grooming up before you go to the nearest mall because you can shop online even just wearing your favorite pajamas. There is also no hassle from falling in line to pay your orders because you can purchase items in online stores instantly.

It has no crowd

If you are the kind of person who hates too many people and the noise of the city, online shopping is perfect for you. You can check on items without people looking at you trying the bag, shoes or shirt. No one will know if you’re going to purchase a cartoon-designed bag or the comic book you have always wanted. There will be no long lines and no sales representatives forcing you to buy that stuff.

It has more choices

Items sold on online stores keep on evolving. As more people are becoming used to the internet, online marketplaces make sure that they have a lot to offer than those in actual stores. You can buy an item from several brands, from different sellers, from various places very easily. You can buy bags and apparels, skincare products, food, and hardware, among others. You can even buy cheap plane tickets and reserve hotels and party places. Almost everything can be found on the internet.

It has honest reviews

If you head to an appliance store and look for a Smart TV, probably you’ll encounter a sales representative talking about how good the TV was with all the new specs and technology in it. But you’ll never hear any disadvantages and cons as the sales rep is trying to make a sale. In online shops, all reviews are being displayed, whether bad or good. Mostly, you’ll read comments and suggestions from buyers about their experiences with the products. This will help you in your purchasing decision.

Shopping online is not perfect all the time as there are certain disadvantages like you cannot try a particular product yourself. But given these very reasons, it is unlikely for one to hesitate shopping online. A wide variety of products are indeed cheaper here and most especially, you can do shopping at the convenience of your home.

post11 - 5 Secrets on How to Book Cheap Flights

5 Secrets on How to Book Cheap Flights

Everybody loves traveling! We want to go around different countries across the globe and tour every lovely destination. Most of us travel to relax and take a break from work. But some of us are really fond of traveling to take great photos, visit historical places and accomplish their bucket list.

But in order to do this, one must book a plane ticket. Honestly speaking, traveling isn’t that affordable. So in order to visit many places, we should look for cheap flights.

Here are 5 secrets on how to find affordable flight tickets…

Go incognito

Surfing the web is super accessible to everyone, thus users can see what you see as well. So try searching secretly by going incognito. When you open an incognito browser, your cookies are reset which means your previous searches are not remembered, thus will potentially inflate costs. To make it more effective, close all incognito windows, open a new one, and search for flights.

Try the 24-hour rule

Look for available flights and then book it. On the next day, try to check if the rate of the airfare of the same destination fell. If it happens, call immediately the airline and cancel your flight so that you can rebook your flight without penalty. In some cases, flights change their prices whenever there will be sold-out flights or if the seats are almost booked.

Book ahead of time

When you are planning to take a vacation next year, it is advisable to book as early as today. There are huge lucky chances that these flights are being sold at their lowest rates. In this case, some airlines try to sell their tickets at a low cost so that more customers could avail it and will lead to lesser seats. These vacant seats will then be sold at a higher rate.

Make connections with budget airlines

One of the most effective ways to earn a cheap flight is to befriend some budget airlines. They offer some of the cheapest tickets to compete with their counterparts. You can also make a bargain so that they can offer you a lower rate. But before you book, make sure that you get the same services as with booking a regular flight. Or at least compromise a service that will still be comfortable with you.

Look for the cheapest place to go

If you are new to traveling or even if you are a wanderlust, there are certain places and countries that have a much lower airfare than others. Choose the ones that are closer to your place as they don’t take much time and energy from the plane. Also, you can book the most famous place in your country. If it’s the capital of the country you are going to, there is a much higher demand for flights in that city so it is likely to be offered at a lower rate.

Traveling is really a relaxing feeling as you can experience a new environment and meet new faces. But of course, before one can fully enjoy the journey, the airfare should not hurt your budget. Hope these secrets can help you.

info3 - 5 Secrets on How to Book Cheap Flights
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