post8 - 4 useful hacks to get the best online deals

4 useful hacks to get the best online deals

Online has not been exclusive to research and social media only, as it has also paved a way to another means of shopping. There are a bunch of perfect deals to find online that’s why consumers choose to shop here. While sellers also find the attack of consumers on the internet a more exciting idea to market their products online especially for startup businesses.

With all the convenience and more choices of cheap finds brought about by online shopping, now your question is probably how to get the best deals.

Here are some tricks how to surf the web and find the best deals.

1. Leave your shopping cart

In the book Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World written and published by Mark Ellwood (2013), he mentioned that purchasing products is a ‘two-stage process’. First, you have to go on a shopping site and look for the things you want to buy. Put these items in your cart and then close the browser. Leave your orders for one to two days.

Through this, the online store will think that you are attempting to order. So to make a sell, most of these merchants will send you promo or coupon discounts for you to purchase the items you left on your virtual cart.

2.Don’t believe free shipping

In order to make a lot of sales, most online sellers announce a ‘free-shipping day’ in which you can shop anything you want. Online consumers will flock to that particular site in order to make a purchase. But remember, free shipping doesn’t necessarily mean that you are spared from paying a fee for the shipping. They usually tend to add a certain amount to the prices of the items that are being sold with free shipping. To avoid being fooled by this marketing strategy, compare total costs with other online shops before you checkout.

3. Clean your browser

The same with booking cheap flights, going incognito can help you look for some of the best finds at their lowest rates. But by simply clearing your browser, you can be able to be offered the cheapest finds. Through this, you can fool the vendors that you are a new customer every time you go to their site. For example, if your default browser is Chrome, try using Firefox and make sure that you have cleared your cookies after shopping.

4. Subscribe to newsletters

If you sign up for a particular online site, make sure that you allow them to send you newsletters in your e-mail. These newsletters may consist of new items, promotions, and discount coupons. So you better get updated about their latest offerings to get ahead of million online consumers.

We know that you have your respective favorite online shops. Some of them even give you incentives for being an avid customer. But of course, we want to explore the deals offered by various online sites. So in order to enjoy your first purchase, make sure you follow these 4 useful hacks to get the best online deals.