post6 - 10 must things to consider before buying a smartphone

10 must things to consider before buying a smartphone

If you are looking for a smartphone best for you, there are a hundred of choices to choose from. The biggest names of smartphones have various models and types of different sizes and specifications.

A smartphone is indeed vital in this technology-oriented world. But before buying one, here are 10 things you should check on a smartphone.

1. Build quality

See to it that the smartphone you are going to buy is durable. Make sure that you personally hold it yourself to check if it’s strong enough. Phones can either be built with metal or plastic cover. Accord to Joe Elkind

Build Quality is key

, 2. Display

The display of a smartphone usually depends on its actual size. If the smartphone is big, it will likely to have a wider size and resolution display. There are phones with full-HD or even Ultra HD/4k display.

3. Processor

The processors of smartphones vary from one device to another. Android and iOS basically have different processors. If you are into streaming videos and playing heavy games, then you should consider buying smartphones with the best processors.

4. Camera

This is probably one of the considerations of most phone buyers these days. Check several camera specifications such as aperture, ISO levels, autofocus capability and pixel size, among others. It is also ideal for you to try the camera.

5. Battery

Not all the time and place you can charge your smartphone. So it is better for you to consider buying one that lasts you a day at most. If you are fond of movies, music, and games, choose a smartphone with at least 3500mAh battery.

6. Storage

We know that you need a smartphone that could fit all your selfies, movies, games and applications. Choose a phone that has a larger storage capacity. For iOS devices, they usually have a built-in storage that could go as high as 256 GB. For Android phones, you can expand its memory by attaching an external memory card.

7. Security features

We care about our smartphones so it is better if we get trusted security features from them. The most common security feature is to lock and unlock your phone or a particular application with a passcode or pattern. While others use a sensor technology that will need either your fingerprint or iris before accessing the phone.

8. Speakers

Always check the audio quality of your smartphone. Make sure that it will give a loud yet clear sound whenever put to loudspeaker mode. It should also have good quality during calls.

9. Operating system

Operating systems or mobile OS are software that runs our smartphones and manage their resources, displays, and memory. It is important that you choose carefully the OS you want as their uses, shortcuts, and features vary differently. There are three common OS used in most smartphones – iOS, Android, and Windows.

Buying a smartphone that matches your taste and preference is really hard. There are a lot of choices, all looking good and fine. Just remember these must things to consider before buying smartphones so you will be satisfied.