post9 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale

3 instant ways to make your first online sale

Online shopping has gained popularity for the past years. In this article, we discussed why people prefer to shop online than go to physical stores. As shopping online has become a trend, more sellers choose to market their products and services through the internet as well. Even the biggest names of bags, shoes, and makeup, to name a few enter the world of online shopping to reach a much larger audience.


But for startup businesses, especially those individual merchants who want to explore what online can bring them, how can they actually make their first online sale?

Here are some tips an online seller should consider:

Send free samples to bloggers

31 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale
In the online world, there are a lot of famous bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and vloggers from various niches and industries. They have a huge number of followings from various social media platforms. In order to establish your product, you may send free samples to these influencers to try your product. In return, they will mention your product on their sites or platforms and will even give a positive feedback about it. With this, the followers will be aware of your product and there is a huge chance that they will purchase that same product they saw from their idols.

Partner with retailers and resellers

32 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale
Apart from selling directly to the consumers, it is also advisable to have your own pool of resellers and retailers. Through this, you can have a much wider reach of your potential customers. As distributors of your products, they will market it to their avid customers. Moreover, it is also advantageous to engage into resellers as this will mean more income. Through this, your network will become bigger and there would be a leveraging of the flow of sales. This only means that more sales, more income.

Offer prizes and freebies

33 - 3 instant ways to make your first online sale
Everybody loves to receive giveaways and free stuff, right? In order to make your product more recognizable, it is ideal for you to start a contest or activity that will interest them to join and win free prizes. You can start it through your social media account or website if you have. One of the most common gimmicks is to ask customers to take a photo of them using your product and share it to their Instagram accounts. In their posts, they should describe why they love the product and of course, they should tag your Instagram page or use your desired hashtags. To make them more excited, announce that you will be giving prizes to five lucky winners.

There are certainly so many ways to boost a starting online shop. You can also utilize digital marketing and other advertising strategies. If you have a budget, you can also setup promotional events. But for those who are saving a penny and is aiming to have their first sale, these tips are surely effective to provide the online world some awareness about your product. Through this, we are hoping that you can earn your first ever sale. Good luck!