post7 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction

4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction

Basically, there are plenty of things that can be found on the internet. But you may not expect that among these are the pre-loved items of your idols. These memorabilia and prized possessions of the rich and influential stars have been auctioned and sold to eBay, one of the world’s biggest online shops. There you can find everything from the still-stylish jacket worn by Bruce Lee to Jon Stewart’s Armani suits.

According to eBay, vendors shall provide proof that they are the rightful owners of these celebrity items and that these should be authentic.

Over the past years, there have been a lot of celebrity auction finds. Here are few of those who made it to the internet.

1. Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 costumes

21 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
These outfits have been visited by thousands of avid Jackson 5 fans at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California, United States. These costumes were featured on the Jackson 5’s greatest hits album cover. They also appeared with it on a television special during 1972.

These were made of synthetic blend tunic tops with ivory sleeves. Each yellow top has the Jackson 5’s name embroidered – Tito, Jermaine, Michael, Jackie, and Marlon.

The starting bid of these items was US $150,000.00. The auction ended last August 1st of 2015.

2. Elvis Presley’s stereo

22 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
Talk about the king of rock and roll. That’s right! Elvis Presley’s 1971 stereo set from his Graceland mansion bedroom had also been auctioned. This stereo was among Presley’s favorites where he can play selections from his album collection. The starting bid for this was $2,000.

3. Steve Jobs’ high school yearbook

23 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
Steve Jobs has undeniably become an instant celebrity because of Apple. One vendor, who identified himself as Jobs’ close friend, put on auction a yearbook in which Jobs was part of. The dealer with the name “bcwright77” described Jobs as a clown in the class who always goofed off a lot and made fun of almost everything. He could not see Jobs sincerity in going to school. But he has not predicted that Jobs could become one of the most iconic figures in the world.

The bidding price started at $5,000.

4. Bruce Lee’s Cotton Jacket

24 - 4 pre-loved celebrity items put to auction
Bruce Lee who is prominent for his martial arts films had one of his most precious possessions on the internet as well. Lee’s gray cotton jacket was put to auction. It was very extra special as it has a sign and inscription by Lee’s wife and daughter. According to Lee’s family, it was one of his most favorite jackets which also appeared in a number of his films. The jacket has a “buy now” price of $45,000. The auction ended June 6th last 2016.

Those were just a few of the million pre-loved items of your idols auctioned on the internet. Sellers knew that these will be sold instantly especially to those avid fans and supporters who love collecting memorabilia of their favorite celebrities. If you are looking for one like these, you can start surfing the web and declare your bid.